Cooling system for poultry slaughtering

Project: Water chiller for vegetable on-line cooling 

Customer requirements:

The customer has 2t/h of salad vegetable on-line cooling, with two cooling tanks, and each tank can hold 3 tons of water.The temperature of the vegetables go into the water is designed to be 10 degrees, after cooling the temperature is 3 degrees.

Need two ice water circulation chillers each cooling tank. The vegetables were circulated by 0~2 °C ice water, and the vegetables were cooled down to 3 °C.

 Our design for customer:

There are two pre-cooling tanks in the production line. Each pre-cooling tank is equipped with one set falling film chiller, and 0~2° ice water directly flow into the water tank.The three units meet the heat exchange capacity of two pre-cooled water tanks.